HORT/2016/001: Evaluating options for further development of mango value chains in Java and Bali
This SRA will document how area-wide management of fruit flies in mango improved growers’ livelihoods. Indonesia is the sixth biggest mango producer in the world, contributing 4.1% of global production. Small family-owned farms produce most mango, so improving production can increase the incomes of the poor - but the mango industry suffers from poor quality management on...
A guide to value-chain analysis and development for overseas development assistance projects
This value-chain research and training manual consolidates experience from ACIAR projects across Asia and Africa. It sets out the practical steps in adopting a value-chain perspective to understand how to increase the profitability of agrifood value-chains collectively, and of smallholder farmers in particular. The manual is designed to evolve as ACIAR’s knowledge continues to grow, by incorporating future case studies and training...
SMAR/2007/197 : The potential for mangoes in eastern Indonesia
Mangoes are one of the major fruit crops throughout Indonesia and are an important component of the horticulture industry in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). They are particularly important in the drier, poorer areas of eastern Indonesia as a drought tolerant, secure source of income. Current markets are heavily supplied with the Harumanis variety with little...