Simply Mango Newsletter

“Simply Mango” the first project newsletter of the Mango Agribusiness Research Program has been released. This light-hearted newsletter features latest mango project news, researcher profiles and project activities from the four Small Research and development Activity (SRA) projects and other related mango R&D projects funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). The SRA projects include: Mango Information, Mango Markets, Mango Quality and Mango Biosecurity, and have an aim of improved understanding of the mainland China mango market and the export opportunities this market offers. The Mango Agribusiness Research projects have a broad development goal to help mango farmers and their communities in partner countries to derive greater income and livelihood benefits from the production and trade of mango and mango products, market and the opportunities. The partner countries are; Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam. Enjoy the read!

Simply Mango Edition 1