Mango Agribusiness Research Program Workshop 1 Agenda

Mango Agribusiness Research Program - Developing mango agribusiness opportunities in China - Workshop 1 Agenda, Guangzhou China

Developing mango agribusiness opportunities in China –¬†Workshop 1

The Mango Agribusiness Research Program contributes to a broader development outcome to help smallholder farmers, mango growers, businesses and workers in ACIAR partner countries and Australia to derive greater income and livelihood benefits from the production and sale of mango and mango products. Collectively, the mango agribusiness projects aim to support improved research, industry and market development, decision making through research, particularly targeted situation analysis, pilot research activities, information exchange, capacity development and partnership development.

Workshop aims and outcomes will lead to:

  • enhanced communication, collaboration and capacity development
  • identifing market development opportunities and implications in China markets
  • recognising strategic research and development opportunities for market entry
  • improved evaluation of opportunities for improving mango quality.

March 19, 2018
Project Code
AGB/2016/006, AGB/2016/007, AGB/2016/008, AGB/2016/009
Project Title
Mango Agribusiness Research Program
Market Access and Biosecurity AGB/2016/008, Information AGB/2016/006, Markets AGB/2016/007, Quality AGB/2016/009
Project Researchers
Robin Roberts, Alec Zuo, Peter Johnson, Geoff Dickinson, Daryl Joyce
Date of Information
March 19, 2018
Published Date
May 9, 2018
Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
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