AGB/2016/009: Enhancing mango fruit quality in Asian mango chains

Project summary

Mango fruit into export markets is highly variable, market requirements for quality characteristics are unclear, and importers, retailers and consumers are frequently disappointed.  Along supply chains from ACIAR partner countries into major current and emerging markets, such as in Hong Kong and mainland China, better understanding is required of strategic industry, market development, and research opportunities for improving mango fruit quality, including through developing and sharing in-common understanding approaches.  At present, individual ACIAR partner mango producer countries and their supply chains either do not or cannot consistently deliver high quality mango fruit into major markets, such as those in mainland China.

There is a compelling case for focused investment in mango agribusiness research and development within ACIAR.  Mangoes are among the most economically and socially important of all tropical fruit crops.  Among other opportunities identified at an informal workshop at the International Mango Symposium in Darwin, 2015, mango, quality parameters from demand and supply perspectives was identified for attention as and when resources and opportunities permit.  For sustainable success, it is both fundamental and imperative to realise/achieve the final fruit quality as sought by consumers in major marketplaces.

Aim & Objectives

To develop a common approach to assessing, describing, and improving fruit quality in Asian mango chains.  The project objectives are to:

  1. Develop a common objective language for describing physical and eating quality in fresh mango supply chains across project partner countries.
  2. Enhance common understanding and develop cpacity in the assessment and improvement of physical and eating quality in mango supply chains.
  3. Evaluate opportunities to improve quality in select mango supply chains and key market segments in mainland China and Hong Kong.


The project will be co-led by Griffith University, the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries team, and supported by country-level engagement from each of the agreed ACIAR partner countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

December 19, 2017
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Enhancing mango fruit quality in Asian mango chains
Quality AGB/2016/009
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Associate Professor Robin Roberts
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December 19, 2017
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January 15, 2018
Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
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