Day 4 Session 15: Mango Quality, ECR Case Study, Australia- Workshop 1, 2018

Mango Agribusiness Research Program Workshop 1 - Mango Quality, ECR Case Study, Australia

Monitoring temperature and quality of Australian mango exports into China, evaluating the rapid assessment methodology

An overview of the early career researcher activity for the Mango Quality project within the Mango Agribusiness Program. This research activity will focus on monitoring temperature of mangoes in an export shipment, road test the quality manual and conduct a trial simulation of new mango varieties.

March 22, 2018
Project Code
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Mango Quality
Quality AGB/2016/009
Project Researchers
Yiru Chen, Daryl Joyce
Date of Information
March 22, 2018
Published Date
March 22, 2018
Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam
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