North Queensland Manbullo mangoes set sail for Asia

Giru packhouse

3,250 cartons of Manbulloo mangoes grown in North Queensland set sail for Asia in December from the Port of Townsville in refrigerated containers on Mariana Express Lines’ Kota Nasrat container vessel.

Manbulloo’s Quality and Export Manager Scott Ledger said that the export shipment was a great milestone for the business.

“Our team have been very busy heat-treating and packing mangoes over the past week at Manbulloo’s facility in Giru ready for export,” said Mr Ledger.

“Packing the mangoes directly into the refrigerated container at the packhouse, then exporting out of the Port of Townsville, means there is less physical handling of mangoes and the time in the supply chain is shorter, giving us greater control and confidence to deliver high quality mangoes to our customers,” he said.

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