Mango Agribusiness Research Program, Workshop 1, 2018. China Mango Study – Field Trip Guangzhou

China Mango Study- Guangzhou Field Trip

China Mango Study – Field Trip Guangzhou

 My field trip to the Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable market as part of the Mango Agribusiness Research Program workshop, was an interesting and an informative experience. This visit enabled researchers to experience first-hand the fresh produce trading environment in China and to gain an understanding of the trading processes that take place in this type of market.

 The highlight of this market for me was to see the modern trading systems and how this is managed by the traders on the market floor. The Guangzhou Jiangnan Wholesale Market is run by one management board. Pricing on the day appeared to be captured centrally and I was informed the price fluctuates daily. The wholesalers pay their monies to the central board and not directly to the floor traders.

 I observed the interior of the market was crowded with imported fruits and vegetables from many countries including Vietnam and Thailand. The market also is a shipment point to transfer fruit and vegetables to other Chinese cities and for export of domestic produce.  I noted the prominent feature of QR codes on a large number of the produce packaging. A Trader explained the QR code is used to trace and inform people about the source of the produce along with any details the agent wishes to communicate. This feature appeared to be prominent in the premium priced Chinese produce. I also witnessed not a lot of the imported produce from Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand did not have QR codes branded on their packaging.

The Jiangnan Wholesale Market was worth the visit!

Author: Ms Tran Thi Ut Linh, Mango Researcher, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam